Sydney and Matt's Wedding


It's always a treasure to watch two friends fall in love with each other. I got to know Matt and Sydney during our Bible College days, but back then they were just friends. Slowly over the years as they spent more and more time together, they realized that maybe they were more than friends, and fast forward to August 11, 2018 they finally said "I do."

Every part of Matt and Sydney's day had a piece of them in it. From the location of the location of the wedding, to their hand-written letters, to their unity tree - every aspect told a part of their love story. I even teared up a little bit when they sang to each other during the ceremony! It was an absolutely joy to be able to experience and capture this wedding. The smoke even worked with us as a pretty amazing diffuser, helping to make everything look even more magical. If you love love, you'll love being able to share in these moments of their special day.

Vendors Involved:

Venue: Bethany College, Hepburn Saskatchewan


Make-up Artist: Mandy Rae Summach @ Mary Kay Cosmetics


Videographer: Drew Harder

  • Instagram: @verticalfilms_

Magician: Curtis Strauss